1950s movies marathon – part 111

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Mito Komon (1957, Japan)

The Old Lord of Mito travels around Japan dressed as a commoner, to right wrongs, detect evil plots, and kick some ruffian ass with his mighty staff. Watched it all. Now this is the fun-loving yet stylish Japan that I love. So do the Japanese, who have been watching a television series based on this character continously for 40 years.

Nature Girl and the Slaver / Liane, die weisse sklavin (1957, West Germany)

Arab slave traders target tribes in the deepest, darkest part of modern-day Africa. Luckily there’s a German and a jungle-raised white teenage goddess around! Watched: 4 minutes.

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The Tin Star (1957, USA, Mann)

As law and anarchy westerns go, this one is a bit on the preachy side, with a too-hatable racist asshole personifying anarchy, but Anthony Perkins is unforgettable as the boy-sheriff who commands so little respect that he’s more likely to be shot by his own posse than to catch any evildoers, and the “cynical” bounty hunter Henry Fonda is only moderately annoying. So I approve. Watched it all.

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  1. Bruce Rheinstein

    I’ve always liked The Tin Star. And Lee Van Cleef, who later became prominent in spaghetti westerns, has a small role.

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