40′s movies marathon – part 121

Gategutter / Boys from the Streets (1949, Norway, Skouen)

There are no easy paths through life for working class kids in 1920’s Oslo.  Crime is fun but dangerous.  Honest labor feels better, but you’re exploited by the middle class.  And Communism is appealing but also a bit scary.  What’s the point of revolution when all you want is a steady job?  Perhaps the answer is some sort of non-Communist Labor movement?  Watched it all.  I didn’t know there were Norwegian neo-realist movies, but this one fits right in with what the Italians were doing at the time.

Tight Little Island (1949, UK, Mackendrick)

Whiskey runs out on a Scottish island, oh no!  War is hell!  But maybe they could think of some desperate plan to get hold of some!  Watched: 17 minutes.  An entire community ravaged by alcoholism is no longer one of those inherently mirthful concepts, I guess.

Rope of Sand (1949, USA, Dieterle)

Burt Lancaster doesn’t care about recovering the diamonds he has hidden in the desert.  He just wants to get revenge on the cop who once tortured him for no reason.  Watched it all.  I think this marks the point when South Africa takes over from Nazi Germany the role as the world’s creepy Aryan assholes.

Not Wanted (1949, USA, Lupino)

Peggy Olson gets pregnant with some loser from work, and has to give the baby away.  It’s the madhouse next for her!  Watched: 19 minutes.

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