Listened to last week: Bad Religion

I’ve been on a Bad Religion binge recently.  I’ve never heard them before.  It pisses me off a little, because this is fantastic.  I’m getting all sorts of “recommendations” from the music software I use, iTunes and, but they are never any good.  Never.  They’re more like “hey, you just listened to something from subgenre X, here’s some more recent music from that genre, which is all derivative of that one good band you like, but don’t blame us, you’re the one who apparently likes this crap”.  What I want is: “OMG you’ve missed out on Bad Religion?!  There’s a hole in your mind!”

Bad Religion – Portrait of Authority, from the 1993 album Recipe for Hate

Bad Religion – The Answer, from the 1992 album Generator

Bad Religion – 21st Century Digital Boy, from the 1990 album Against the Grain

Bad Religion – I Want to Conquer the World, from the 1989 album No Control

One thought on “Listened to last week: Bad Religion

  1. Ernest

    Perhaps Bjorn missed out on Bad Religion because he was too preoccupied with singing the praises of bad religion, more specifically the religion that is responsible for virtually all terrorism worldwide – Islam.

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