1950s movies marathon – part 67

The Night of the Hunter (1955, USA, Laughton)

This is the stuff that cult movies are made of: A rambling script, ambitious visuals, and Robert Mitchum as an evil preacher with “love” and “hate” tattooed on his knuckles, chasing two children through Super-Depressed America. I’ve seen better, but this is so much more fun. Watched it all. Unforgettable moment: A dead woman sitting in her car under water, her hair waving alongside the seagrass.

Godzilla Strikes Again (1955, Japan)

In the dub vs sub debate, I favor subtitles, and, allthough everyone is entitled to their opinion, in the case of dubbing, that opinion happens to be EVIL. But today’s dubbers, at least, we know better than to dub a Japanese movies with actors whose stereotyped accents are so annoying that you start cheering for Godzilla as he razes their cities to the ground. Watched: 24 minutes.

Summertime (1955, UK, Lean)

A movie where the city of Venice itself is the story, reflected in the wide eyes of tourist Katharine Hepburn. We see it as she sees it, wandering randomly about. The entire movie is shot in Venice, much of it outdoors, and I can’t imagine anyone seeing not wanting to go there afterwards, and yet it doesn’t feel like a commercial. It feels like .. adventure. Watched: 43 minutes.

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