1950s movies marathon – Best of 1955

The best movies of 1955, or at least those that had an opening that was interesting enough for me not to immediately hit the fast-forward button. I’ve collected the best scene from each movie, plus some amusingly bad ones, in this playlist.

The ones I’d heard about

The Trouble With Harry

Bad Day at Black Rock

The Ladykillers

The Seven Year Itch

Blackboard Jungle

The Quatermass Xperiment

Mad, murderous preachers

Night of the Hunter

Priests, maddened and nearly murdered

The Prisoner

Mann, with and without Stewart

The Last Frontier

The Man From Laramie

Start of a promising career

East of Eden

Rebel Without a Cause

Go, go, Rasputin!

Romeo and Juliet

Movies! with! exclamation! point! titles!

It Came From Beneath the Sea

Commies and Nazis

Himmel Ohne Sterne

Night and Fog

Nice Britain

A Kid for Two Farthings

Cockleshell Heroes

As Long As They’re Happy

Not so nice Britain

Richard III

Goodbye Hayes


Madness and/or sanity

I Live in Fear



Next up: 1956, featuring a queue of ca 500 movies + various clips from the Internet Archive.