1950s movies marathon – part 70

The Ladykillers (1955, UK)

The British are nostalgic about Ealing Studios, but they didn’t make all that many good movies, and only a few really great ones. This is one of them. One of the many many great things about it is how amazingly ugly and evil Alec Guinness manages to look. Watched it all.

The Seven Little Foys (1955, USA)

Oh, Bob Hope. You’re the worst. You really are. But I don’t blame you, I blame the entire generation of moviegoers who thought you were the very definition of wittiness. Watched: 3 minutes.

The Seven Year Itch (1955, USA, Wilder)

I have a theory that makes Marilyn Monroe’s character a lot more interesting: She’s actually quite intelligent, and is just stringing Tom Ewell along for the fun of it. Watched it all before, and again now, this time slightly more attuned than before to the nuances of 1950s innuendo.

Conquest of Space (1955, USA)

So now we know what inspired the title sequence for Pigs! In! Spaaaaaace! Watched: 5 minutes. This movie is begging for a m3stking, but I don’t think it ever got one.

Summarnattens leende / Smiles of a Summer Night (1955, Sweden, Bergman)

What confuses me about Ingmar Bergman is how someone can be so talented, and at the same time make movies that feel so irrelevant. Perhaps it was a mistake for him to work in a country where he was vastly more competent than anyone else. Or maybe I’ll change my mind when I’ve seen more of his classics. Watched: 25 minutes.

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