1950s movies marathon – part 72

Five Against the House (1955, USA)

I think this could be the first ever proper college movie, with witty youths, hazing, parties and gambling. There was that one Mr Belvedere movie, but that doesn’t count, and plenty of movies that took place in colleges, but that doesn’t make them college movies. Perhaps this one isn’t either, because it morphs into a rather implausible caper movie. Watched it all.

Three for the Show (1955, USA)

Betty Grable finds herself married to two men at the same time, and decides to resolve this in the least interesting way possible: By choosing one of them. But not until toying with the idea of bigami for a while. Watched: 30 minutes.

Cockleshell Heroes (1955, UK)

Cheerful British war movies about gangs of cheeky individualists who carry out daring raids into enemy territory are so much much more fun than thinking about what the average soldier or civilian went through. Watched it all, although it has to be said that their sabotage raid is pretty dumb, and only works because the Germans are dumber. Then again, it did actually happen, and .. er .. “shortened the war by six months”. Okay then.

Lola Montez (1955, France)

This is what happens when you give a director too much money and power. Bah, directors, what do they know about movies! Watched: 6 minutes, plus the naughty bits, of which there aren’t any, so I can’t figure out how this movie caused the scandal the intro text boasts about.

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