1950s movies marathon – part 80

The Prisoner (1955, UK)

A psychological interrogation movie in the tradition of Nineteen Eighty-four, the Babylon 5 episode Intersections in Real Time, and – most of all – the 1960s TV series The Prisoner, which it certainly must have influenced. Watched it all.

Love Me or Leave Me (1955, USA)

I hate biopics. Hate them, hate them, hate them. On the upside, this one has Doris Day being smart, ambitious, and doing her best to get into the song business without having to go through the bed of that sleazebag James Cagney.  But it’s still a biopic. Watched: 14 minutes.

Oh.. Rosalinda!! (1955, UK, Powell & Pressburger)

I liked Powell and Pressburger more when there was a certain operatic quality to their movies that still wasn’t actual genuine opera. Watched: 12 minutes.

It’s Always Fair Weather (1955, USA)

And now Comden & Green are writing stinkers too. What is the world coming too? I bet the good times are over, and nobody will ever make a good movie ever again. And then the movie business will go broke, because all the stories have already been told as well as they can be. Watched: 9 minutes. Well, I guess I should give 1956 a chance before I give up. Just one quick peak ..

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