1950s movies marathon – part 81

Star in the Dust (1956, USA)

This isn’t very good, but for some reason it feels more like a Western than most of the other not very good Westerns so far. Maybe it’s the closeups, the (admittedly awful) gitar music, and the no-nonsense (but admittedly ridiculous) “town edging steadily closer to war” story. Watched it all.

Liane, Jungle Goddess / Liane, das Mädchen aus dem Urwald (1956, Germany)

A number of movies have been made about white women who are worshipped as goddesses by childlike African tribes. Of course, it adds a certain piquancy when the story is told by Germans, (and not only because their goddess happens to walk around topless). Watched: 9 minutes, plus the naughty bits.

Swamp Women (1956, USA, Corman)

Roger Corman has what most B movies so far have been lacking: Sympathy for the Devil. Plus, hardened girl criminals in short pants. Watched it all, though to be fair this is a bad movie.

Rock, Rock, Rock (1956, USA)

It says something about how little life there was left in the swing generation that there’s more great music in this half-assed rock’n roll B-movie than there were in all the major movies of the previous years. Watched the musical bits, of which this Chuck Berry song is the one that makes me the giddiest.