1950s movies marathon – part 82

Solid Gold Cadillac (1956, USA)

Miss Smith goes to Manhattan, and teaches the fat cats about corporate ethics and the rights of the Small Shareholder. Watched it all.

Our Mr Sun (1956, USA, Capra)

A charming science documentary with one flaw: That there’s nothing uglier than 50s animation. Also, it’s meta, which gets old. Watched: 10 minutes.

Der Hauptmann von Köpenick / The Captain from Köpenick (1956, West Germany)

In Wilhelmine Germany authority is everything, and appearance gives authority. Anyone who can find a uniform and put on a stern manner, and knows enough military mumbo jumbo to impress the guards, can just walk right into the Kolsås NATO base and steal their whisky supply. Or .. no, let’s not go there. Watched it all.

The Creature Walks Among Us (1956, USA)

The creature that walks among us is the one from the Black Lagoon, who is kidnapped by scientists who want to dress him up as a man and teach him about the rains of Spain. Watched: 10 minutes. It’s dull. But – the title of this movie is poetry.

Le Mystère Picasso (1956, France)

A movie made out of nothing but Picasso drawing on the screen before our eyes, proving beyond a doubt that he was a fairly competent cartoonist. Watched: 20 minutes.

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