40′s movies marathon – part 84

Till The End Of Time (1946) - Guy Madison, Robert Mitchum

Till the End of Time (1946, USA, Dmytryk) – Marines come home from the war, and find that nobody wants to know what they’ve been through.  The war has created a gulf between those who fought, and those who didn’t.   Watched it all.

Magnificent Doll (1946, USA, Borzage) – Abandoning the White House during the 1812 war with Britain, Ginger Rogers makes sure to take with her the original Declaration of Independence and the portrait of George Washington.  Watched: 4 minutes.

The Dark Mirror (1946, USA, Siodmak) – Either Olivia de Havilland or her identical twin Olivia de Havilland have murdered a man, and they won’t say which one.  Faced with this conundrum, the police is helpless.  Watched: 16 minutes.

Strange Impersonation (1946) - Brenda Marshall, Hillary Brooke

Strange Impersonation (1946, USA, Mann) – The weirdest noir so far, with some really inventive touches, such as all the main characters being women, so I don’t mind that it’s terrible.  Watched it all.  IMDB reviewers complain that this isn’t strictly noir or strictly good or strictly coherent, which is to miss the point: It’s strange and fun!

Till the Clouds Roll By (1946, USA) – All these biopics are the same.  This one’s about Jerome Kern, some composer who I’m sure faced the usual adversity etc. etc.  Watched: 9 minutes.

Wanted for Murder (1946, UK, Huntington) – A woman dates a psychotic asshole, despite there being a perfectly fine nice guy available.  He’s probably the murderer referred to in the title, (unless it’s the nice guy, you can never trust these quiet ones).  Watched: 17 minutes.