40′s movies marathon – part 85

Three Strangers (1946) - Geraldine Fitzgerald, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre

Three Strangers (1946, USA, Negulesco) – Three strangers of deplorable character meet under the statue of a Chinese goddess to pray for the one thing that will make them happy: Money.  They then go out and destroy their lives beyond the repair of any divine power.  Watched it all.

She-Wolf of London (1946, USA, Yarbrough) – Gah.  Watched: 7 minutes, which I’ve already forgotten.  The Warren Zevon song is pretty good though.  Also the one about that headless Norwegian.  Hm, where did I put my Zevon songs?

Green for Danger (1946) - Alastair Sim

Green for Danger (1946, UK, Gilliat) – The problem with stopping movies when I don’t like the beginning is that some of them get better afterwards.  If I had stopped this one after the first 25 minutes, where people at a hospital just walk around being miserable, I would have missed the part where it turns into a dark, witty whodunnit.  Watched it all.

The Spider Woman Strikes Back (1946, USA, Lubin) – These monster movies would be a lot more interesting if they didn’t spend the first half trying to ease us slowly into the fantastic premise.  Watched: 3 minutes, then fast-forwarded to see the spider, but there isn’t any.  There is an evil mansion that burns down at the end, though.

The Bamboo Blonde (1946, USA, Mann) – This is the second ’46 Anthony Mann movie that is absolutely terrible .. and yet I find myself watching it to the end.  Who is this guy?  This one is sort of a cheap version of a Preston Sturges movie, featuring Stan the used boat salesman from Monkey Island.  Watched it all.

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